One-on-one, personal consultations are for those who want more out of their future. In some cases, it’s also for those want less out of their past.


In both cases, it comes down to perspective and my speciality is shining a light on a new perspective through strategic questions, at the same time showing you how to navigate your thinking so you can independently apply this to any aspect of your life.

I offer this in what I refer to as Resolve consultations, with more information below.

In addition, I also offer two packages:

Emotional Intelligence Program - a four week program

MindBodyHeart Detox Program - a six week program


All consultations are one-on-one over Zoom or phone. 

Demartini Facilitator

Resolve consultations are for people who are carrying emotional burden. This could be a current experience or a memory. It may be from trauma, conflict —  internally or externally — grief, anxiety, depression or simply those who feel blocked from getting what they really want out of their life. All emotional baggage impacts our thinking, our decision-making, affects relationships and limits the speed with which we move forward to live the life we really want.


If you keep getting the same answers in life, it’s time to ask new questions. I have those questions and they literally rebalance your perspectives, create new neural pathways around the topic, provide resolution within and open doors in your future that were previously locked.


A prerequisite to Resolve consults is to clarify and articulate your highest values as this will form part of the basis of our time together. You can access the Values Determination questions here.


Click here to see what other people have said about Resolve consultations. To schedule a free 15 minute call to determine whether Resolve Consults are right for you, simply contact me.