Emotional Detox Workshop

A hands-on, experiential workshop learning how take control of your emotions to choose how you want to feel.


Over a full day workshop, you will learn how to internally process emotions, memories and thoughts through to a resolution.

This course is for people who:

  • Want to improve their relationship

  • Feel anger or resentment toward a particular person or people 

  • Wish to gain more control of their emotions

  • Want more control of their reactions in heated situations

  • Are parents looking for strategies to help their children overcome difficulty

  • Work or live with people who overpower them

  • Have a heightened sensitivity to others’ comments

  • Feel weighed down by past events or experiences

  • Know that they have something within that needs to be resolved

  • Have an insatiable desire for wisdom

I will be guiding you through all exercises so you can work through real life examples there and then, through to completion, resolution and a feeling of liberation as a result.

This is a small group only as you will complete your work individually as I move amongst all attendees, working with you on a one-on-one basis to help you overcome any stumbling blocks along the way.


You will learn how to break down any big challenge or experience, unpack it into manageable pieces and walk through a proven step-by-step method to process any emotional heartache, challenge, baggage or block.


This program gives you essential tools that you will have for life.

We will work through emotional pain points which have been built up over our lives which have created psychological and therefore physical implications within the body.  

All exercises you do will be provided to you in a workbook so you have these forever.

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What other people say:

"Coming today was a last minute decision as I've been getting 'stuck' on certain issues that keep resurfacing. I now feel I have a practical and simple way of breaking things down to help me change the way I think which will help me live a more emotionally, balanced & enriched life. Thank you Sherrie, I'm sure I will see you again."

​​Jasey S. January 2019

"Many of my husbands traits annoyed me - some big, some small. After today's session, the traits I worked on that trigger me about him have dissipated. I'm leaving today's session with a new found gratitude for him and his many ways!"

​DDP, January 2019

"Today's workshop helped me to realise tangible, logical evidence of how initially negative experiences in my life actually have positive aspects as well."

Lauren Errock, October 2019

Upcoming Workshops:
SYDNEY : 2020 Date TBC


Small group - 6 people maximum
Investment $550
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Let go of what is holding you back.

In a step-by-step process, you will learn how to:

  • Resolve anger, resentment and guilt

  • Neutralise infatuation

  • Dissolve negative emotions from past events

  • Increase self-worth

  • Understand how to balance judgements

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