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"Thank you so much Sherrie. I can’t believe how much we went through and how you managed to capture it all so completely, let alone channel it into something so perfectly useful. 


I’ll of course let you know how I go with everything, but thank you for helping me through this process.


You have a special gift and a beautiful nature about you that opened me up like peeling a banana and I’m so very grateful that you did."     

Mike Morgan, July 2019

"Thank you so much for your time and patience Sherrie. The way you delivered the session and put me at ease was awesome.

As much as you told me to not think about the session too much over the weekend, it hasn't been too far from my thoughts.

It's all a bit exciting and scary."     

Mark Hansson, June 2017

"I recommend Eudamonia to everyone and anyone. From my experience, I feel that it does not matter at which stage you are in your life - anytime is a good time to get yourself initiated in it, because it will change your life. 


Through my experience, I would describe it that Sherrie helped me to draw up a blueprint for my life.


For someone that used to be stuck, had almost lost hope and honestly had no idea how to accomplish any day to day basic things - I now feel that it is very possible to, as many of the famous people have all said before: "you can be and do whatever your want to be or achieve".


Sherrie has a gift of bringing out your truth. This truth we may withhold from others, because we want to avoid judgement or destructive criticism, but it is this truth that is vital to open up and brainstorm so that we can all flourish as humans."   

Esti Dalton, June 2017

"Sherrie's Eudaimonia program is transformational. Her wisdom, warmth, and ability to ask just the right questions revealed a unique and deeply personal vision that is both grounded and inspiring.


Sherrie's approach is unique because it recognises the perfection in the unfolding of who we are - there are no mistakes that need 'fixing', but perceptions and values that need understanding and equilibrating, to free ourselves from what limits us and step into our full potential.


I would recommend the program to anyone willing to understand the magnificence of who they are and what they can bring of service into this world."

Bridget Wood, December 2016

"I approached Sherrie because my life was experiencing many changes, and I wanted to gain some clarity and guidance on what that meant for me.  Eudaimonia was the perfect process to work through to help me understand what direction I wanted to pursue and provide me with the tools to assist in achieving that.


Sherrie has the most beautiful way with people and possesses an incredible ability to draw things out of you, that you didn’t even realise were in there. 


I am so thankful that I was fortunate to encounter Sherrie at such a life changing time"   

Tracey McKenna, November 2016

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