Jun 22, 2017

Examples for Question 3


I want to give you a few examples of other people's answers in case these help to better understand the question - and to then articulate who you are.

  • I am a Carer

  • I am a Helper

  • I am an Inspiration

  • I am a Facilitator

  • I am an Advocate (for the environment)

  • I am a Messenger


Jun 26, 2017

This excercise has really forced me to think about who I am - not just today, but who I was leading up to now. In doing that I realised there's a disconnect. It was a mini 'ah-ha' moment.

Jun 26, 2017

Brilliant! We like 'ah-ha' moments! Did you arrive at an answer for you you are?

New Posts
  • well i have never thought about myself in the third person let alone written my bio in so many words..i found it easier to write then if i was just explaining myself. Actually even a FUN exercise, and a bit interesting what came out as i let my pen and thoughts flow. As i pondered the one word to describe yourself exercise, the word Surrealist popped into my mind. As i promised myself i would go with the flow in this course, i accepted that, wrote it down and googled the meaning: an artist or writer who is an exponent of the avant-garde movement in art and literature which sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind. Interesting. will see where that takes me :)
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