Jun 30, 2017

Actioning the written commitment


Hey i love time management tools, but its easy to write down what you want to commit to how do you ensur you stay accountable to the commitment, i get it has to be realistic etc....but say stuff comes up that is unexpected that derails you ....how do you get back on track? or not beat yourself up abour the slight derailment ?

Jul 2, 2017

Such a brilliant question!! I want to give an example in order to explain.


You do not need someone else to remind you to take care of your children, as in, you do not need to be 'held accountable' for the things you value most. You do this automatically and need no reminding.


When you are totally aligned with your vision, you will be inspired from within to do whatever will bring you closer to your outcome. You will be less distracted because you'll find yourself automatically saying 'no' (to yourself or others) regarding things which take you away from achieving your vision. You will find ways to delegate or simply stop doing things that do not serve.


There is a law, Parkinson's Law, which says if you do not fill your day with high priority things, it will be filled with low priority distractions. Consciously choose the realistic changes you want to make - make them incrementally if that's easier - and prioritise your day. As long as you hold the vision of where you are going, you will be more effective at getting there because the drive comes from within.


If you feel that you are doing something that "de-rails" you, take a breath and firstly realise that you'll only do anything if you feel, sub-consciously, that you are gaining benefit from doing so and that this is actually fulfilling your values.


** The below section is better as a conversation in person rather than on a forum, but I wanted to include it, even simplistically, for the sake of completeness in my answer. **


You then have two choices.


You can bring awareness to how doing that action serves your highest values and your vision. As soon as you can link the action to your values and realise that it is ON the way and not IN the way, then you can thank yourself, rather than thinking you need to beat yourself up.


Alternatively, if you already know that you want to change this habit/action, then you need to unlink this action from your values by stacking up reasons why this works against your values. Once your brain fully wraps around this action being a disservice to you, there is not a part of you that will choose to keep doing it.


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