Sherrie Laryse

Course Description

You were born on purpose. This course will help you find out why. 

Eudaimonia – Part One is a direct channel inward for you unveil your life purpose and your ideal life path, in the comfort of your own home.

This course will run through a strategic set of juicy questions to gently draw out of you the career choice and life path that you are here on this planet to do - that which is inherently within you.

It is an eight unit, video-led course with an online Forum for questions and the option for Phone Support for private help with any personal roadblocks you meet along the way. Complete Eudaimonia over a weekend or do it one night per week over eight weeks. Let it suit your schedule!

Eudaimonia is for people who:

  • Are considering a career change and need assistance to determine the best path to take.

  • Need direction in life

  • Are feeling unfulfilled in their life/career

  • Know that there is more to life, if they could only figure out how to access it.

  • Are feeling lost in life, those who feel they've lost their spark. Eudaimonia will fire it back up!


What will I get?

  • A beautiful journey deeper into who you are and why you are here

  • Answers regarding your life purpose

  • Clarity around the vision you inwardly hold for your life

  • Guided Meditations you will have ongoing access to

  • A new way of thinking

  • Appreciation for your life path to date

  • An Action Plan as a map to walk this path and achieve your vision


What do I need?


The pre-requisite to this course is to complete "Self-Sabotage Explained". This is a free course that can be accessed here.

For both courses, you will need either a Word Doc, or pen & paper, to record your answers.

What other people say:


"I approached Sherrie because my life was experiencing many changes, and I wanted to gain some clarity and guidance on what that meant for me. Eudaimonia was the perfect process to work through to help me understand what direction I wanted to pursue and provide me with the tools to assist in achieving that."

Tracey McKenna, Sydney Australia

Investment : $189

Time Investment : Each unit requires self-reflective time to answer the questions and get the most out of the course. Some units will take only 30 minutes and some will take a couple of hours. For this reason, the course is self-paced and you dictate how much time you take to complete it. As you work on one unit, the next one will come in and be waiting for you.