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Master Class

Sherrie Laryse

Course Description


Master Class is about raising your intuition, your wisdom and your mental clarity by introducing you to an exercise which elicits a new way of thinking. This is next-level thinking. 

In this class you will gain a deeper appreciation for how our current thinking patterns impact us. The practical exercise provided will give you the tools to equilibrate your thinking on just about any topic, bringing increased emotional stability and resilience into your life at the same time. 


  • Lesson Explanation

  • Practical Exercise

  • 30 minute one-on-one Zoom Consultation with Sherrie

The exercise included allows you to experience and apply this learning, receiving a paradigm shift straight away. 


Every Master Class includes a 30 minute Skype consultation with Sherrie to work through the exercise. Sherrie is a master of helping people become ‘unstuck’, making the whole process easier and therefore adaptable to any area of life.

This is a skill you learn for life. This way of thinking was used by the greatest philosophers and sages throughout time. This is wisdom that will increase your emotional stability, therefore reducing your volatility and stress. It will broaden your thinking to see the whole truth of any situation and decrease narrow-mindedness. It will allow you a greater understanding of any situation you find yourself in, giving you full appreciation of the balance in our world. 

The flow on effect is how you relate to others, how you are able to help your children through their challenges, how you impact their thinking, wisdom, grounded behaviour and reduced volatility as a result of raising them with this awareness and understanding. 

To be honest, this is something that should be taught in all schools, to every human, as a skill for life. That’s the next project. In the meantime, let’s start with one person at a time :) 


Terms & Conditions: One on one consultations with Sherrie are available to book any day of the week, working with Sherrie’s availability. You are required to contact Sherrie to schedule a date and time for your consult. Consults to be booked within 30 days of purchasing the Master Class. Bookings can be scheduled for outside the 30 day period, as long as the booking is made within 30 days of purchase. Once confirmed, changes to the consultation time require 72 hours notice. Three changes to your scheduled consultation will result in the forfeit of your consultation.

Investment : AUD $125

Time Investment : Reading the content and exercise explanation is around 20 minutes. The exercise can either be completed over time, or else in one sitting, and may take people between 30mins to 2.5 hours, depending on the magnitude of the topic they're working through. In addition to this is a half hour consultation. 

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