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Mind Body Project :The Gift:

Sherrie Laryse

Simply complete following with the recipient's name, email as well as the message you'd like delivered with this digital gift.

I will then get in touch with this special human to announce your gift and, at the same time, enrol them into the next Mind Body Project. Their life will never be the same again - thanks to you.

For full details and dates on the Mind Body Project, click here.

The ultimate gift for life


Why give a traditional Gift Card when you could instead give brain juice, wellness, a new mindset and healthy habits for life! This is a very easy way to share a life changing gift with someone you care about - gifting the Mind Body Project.

"The Mind Body detox absolutely blew me away!!! Sherrie has the most poignant way of putting things.


Imagine truly connecting with every single email as you check in at the end of each day. Imagine then going on to live each day with a gratitude inside of you that you’d never tuned in to so powerfully before. My awareness, my mood, my love and compassion for the people around me... all of these things became heightened.

Feeling lighter.... Feeling more informed, more knowledgeable, more capable of taking on whatever the day threw at me. Feeling like the things I was reading and learning about was absolutely invaluable!!!


Sherrie helps you tap into a better way of living. A beautifully heightened way of perceiving the world around you."  

Georgie Way, May 2018 

"I want to thank you with all my heart for what you have opened my eyes and mind to this past two weeks. Your knowledge and guidance through the exercises given each day have not only shown me that I have the power to create balance in life but also to look at every aspect, good and bad with new light. I have already found in practicing your techniques, that my blinkers have come off to a whole new world and level of gratitude.


So, thank you again for giving me this gift of mental and emotional wealth. 🙏⚖️"   Corinne Beale, May 2018

"Thanks Sherrie for opening my mind up. You have given me ways to see challenges in my life in new ways. I feel like any challenge that comes my way I am able to just wash away with my mind, and the weight is then lifted. Thankyou for giving me knowledge of the power of our minds and what they can do for us."   Aimee Price, October 2018

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