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Self Sabotage Explained

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Sherrie Laryse

Course Description

Self sabotage can affect us all. Just as you’re getting closer to your goal......BAM! You do something that takes you 10 steps backwards.

WHY do we do this to ourselves??

Because we’re clever. Seriously. 

In this express program, we’ll fast track you to understand what self-sabotage is and, more specifically, what it isn’t!!

You’ll identify what drives you as well as understand how your sub-conscious is making decisions and dictating your thoughts and your actions and we’ll bring all of this into your conscious awareness.

Investment : Free Course

Time Investment : 15-30 minutes

Comments from people who have previously completed this program:

"I've just done this values course :) and wanted to say a huge thank you! I was still feeling really confused and 'blocked' but ive just been sitting here writing out my story to you and all of a sudden i feel so clear :) I've written out my new goals and finally feel like i can move forwards instead of in circles! 


Thank you thank you thank you! 


Have also shared your link with some friends :)

Brittany Chard

"I'm young and been so unsure for a while what to do, I couldn't really understand what to do, this course made realised I knew all along! what seems to be unclear, came clear and instead of thinking on no, not new things that i didn't know about my self or something really vague this gave me clarity, I'm really grateful I took the time to do this !!"   Belle Allen

"A well presented and succinct analysis that brings clarity and, as a result, a valuable means to resolving the subconscious blockages that conflict with conscious desires. A great way to bring into alignment the various aspects of our mind and heart. Thanks Sherrie"   Laurie Grant

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