Meditation Program

One night per week for four weeks. Find spaciousness within as you are guided through a Yoga Nidra meditation practice.

I facilitate a style of Yoga Nidra called Integrative Restoration, or iRest, which is an immensely powerful meditation technique for deep relaxation and healing for both mind and body.


The practice offers vast benefits by working to calm the nervous system, leading to reduced stress, greater focus and improved physical health. It has been developed to create a space to explore what you need in the moment as well as providing opportunity to ease and release the weight of heavy emotions. As a result, iRest has been found to be especially beneficial for people who have depression or post traumatic stress. 

This is a guided practice, meaning I will be talking and guiding you through the whole meditation. If you are an experienced meditator or an absolute beginner, this practice is suitable for you.

Utthita Balasana.png

Next program TBC. Will likely look at doing live streamed meditations via Zoom while we're all self isolating. 

If you are interested to join via this method, please register your interest below. Thank you, thank you.