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21 gems of wisdom your body needs you to know

So last week I turned 40. I’ve been casually learning about the human body since my 20’s and have been solidly focussed on human behaviour since 30. At 40 I feel qualified to share some wisdom with you, which, as it turns out, begins and ends with shit. Quite literally.

Anyway, here are 21 things worth knowing and sharing.

1. Never push a poo

We talked about this at length in my recent psychosomatic course. The point is, let nature time it’s bodily functions, not your client meetings.

2. A year from now you will wish that you started today

Whatever it is that you’re procrastinating about or thinking it might be too late, just put your name down and get started already. This includes learning, saving, dating and changing your lifestyle.

3. Take a multi vitamin

Have you ever looked at the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals and worked out how much you’d need to eat to fulfil that list? Eat well and take a multi. Done.

4. Breathe more deeply.

It detoxifies your lungs, will give you more oxygen, more alertness, more energy, tighten your abdomen and loosen your shoulders.

5. Find an inspiring challenge to sink your teeth into

Prostate cancer is common in retired men as it is related to low testosterone levels. As a retired man, the best thing you can do is to stay challenged with something that inspires you. Build a back patio, learn guitar, improve your golf game...the critical factor is that you find a challenge that you love as this will help rebalance your testosterone levels.

6. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand

Implementing a new habit with your non-dominant hand will increase your brain’s vitality and strengthen neural networks. This helps your memory, motor skills and generally stops the mental decline that can come with age.

7. Self-righteousness raises blood pressure.

The opposite lowers blood pressure. A balanced perspective is key.

8. 90% of our genes are bacterial

Maybe don't buy the antibacterial soap after all.....seriously. The bacteria on your hands is one of your frontline defence systems.

9. Water fasting is a great way to detoxify and reduce inflammation

One day, every now and then, just drink water. It’s like a reset for your system and (if you’re anything like me) it’s amazing how much extra time you gain in your day when not concentrating on and preparing food!

10. Wait 2-3 hours after eating dinner before lying down.

Eating then going to bed impacts your diaphragm, thus influencing the position of your heart, gall bladder and colon. Wait an hour after a snack or 2-3 hours after a meal.

11. The flu shot increases the chances of getting the flu

The mercury contained in vaccines is such a strong immune depressant that a flu shot suppresses immunity for several weeks.

12. Allergies are reversible

Allergies are often nothing more than repeated negative associations to what it is you're allergic to. All reversible by resolving the previous associations. Wild? Yes. Call me.

13. To stress is to regress

The greater the stress in our lives, the more our physical body regresses into more primitive states of immune systems. Have I told you how to convert distress into eustress? We need to have that chat again….it’s a game changer.

14. Illness and disease is a sign of health

A healthy system gives you feedback of what is out of balance. Tell me what and where the illness is and I can talk you through the psychosomatic angle, which may or may not be the cause, but it might help you heal faster anyway. At the very least, you get to resolve something you didn’t know was hanging around in your psyche.

15. Resolving anger from your past just might save your life

Denial, rage, overwhelm, frustration, sadness, guilt, shame and manic states all impact our health and have their roles in putting our physiology in imbalance (see #14) . Yet all of them are able to be resolved.

And when I say "resolved" I mean coming to a place where you can look back on a situation that made you angry/sad/resentful/etc and say 'thank you'. That is resolved. Nothing less. I can talk you through this one on one. Get in touch.

16. Go out for breakfast, not dinner

Our metabolism is faster in the morning. Reduce your meal sizes throughout the day so the evening meal is light.

17. Secrets are unhealthy

Let it out. If you can't let it out, write down all of the benefits of the world knowing your secret until you diffuse the desperate need to hold it from them. If you're struggling, I can help you neutralise your secret.

18. Being in a state of gratitude synchronises your body's rhythms

Your whole physiology will thank you when you can convert your hurts into a state of gratitude and love. Don’t ever underestimate the effect of being thankful. I’ve watched worlds change and unfold.

19. Don't be fooled

In chemistry, "organic" means that carbon is present. If you want to have an organic diet, you're best looking for "pesticide free" foods.

20. Find the horizon

When your eyes are focused within your immediate environment, so too is your mental focus. It's weighted toward what is happening in your life right now. If you want to expand your thinking and reach beyond your immediate focus (out of a problem or into big picture life plans), then go somewhere you can have an expansive view. See sky. See the horizon. Ocean. Mountains. Fields. Rivers. Lakes. Cities. It doesn't matter what you're looking at, as long as you can feel a sense of distance, of perspective, and your eyes can look beyond your immediate environment. This solves problems and makes greatness.

21. Swear more

Anything that liberates you from rules and regulation will generate endorphins, which block your pain receptors. So, the next time you stub your toe, swear your little heart out. The more inappropriate the swearing, the greater the endorphin rush and the greater the pain reduction.

And remember, life is about experiences. If you have a life rich in experience, you’re on track. Experience. Grow. Resolve. Find gratitude. Love.

With love and 40 year old wisdom,


Sherrie Laryse


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