Yinformation Sessions

Wisdom combined with an extended Yin Yoga class.

In these very nurturing and educational sessions, you will settle into each Yin pose as I talk you through the wisdom that is innately within us, how humans work and how understanding this means we can intercept to take control of our mental state, our emotions and our physical health as a result.

In the Emotional Intelligence workshops, understand how past emotional experiences dictate the way we perceive the world around us, therefore the decisions we make and thus the results we get in life, on every level - physically, emotionally and mentally.

The MindBody Connection workshops focus on the inner workings of the human body; the science on how our thoughts create and impact our physiology, resulting in our current state of health.

In both workshops, learn simple take-home techniques you can use to balance your thinking and your emotions in order to bring balance back into your whole world on all levels.

Upcoming Yinformation Sessions:

Emotional Intelligence

Date: Sunday 5th April

Time: 6 - 8pm

Where: Divine Flow, Brookvale

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"It was such an amazing workshop! Lots to take in..... thank you! Another important step in my healing process. X"
Alita B, Central Coast
"You have no idea how much perspective you have given me yesterday. Your knowledge is invaluable, thank you so much! Xx"
Sammie B, Central Coast
"So good Sherrie, I'm now deep in thought......Thank you, it was brilliant 👍"    Patrick H, Sydney
"I loved the journey Sherrie took us on – from the scientific reasons why chemicals are released into the body, making complete sense as to why we have such strong reactions at certain times, to then providing tools to counteract these by balancing the way we process and think about our situation.…Which is really, becoming more Emotionally Intelligent!"    Nicole R, Sydney
"Loved, loved, loved Sunday's workshop ❤️
The combination of yin yoga with Sherrie introducing new ideas of thinking and feeling worked so well together. It took me a few days to digest, then it all started coming together and has shifted my perceptions to the point where I am now seeing huge changes in my life!! How awesome!!!!!"   
Alison J, Central Coast
"I applied some of the tools Sherrie passed on to us the next morning in my yoga practice and my cellular memory could recall what it had stored during the workshop. I was impressed.
I will keep on using these amazing tools and will go through life with a deeper awareness of what my emotions have to tell me and how to read them. It was a most revealing experience and I can highly recommend the workshop to anybody who wants to grow on an emotional level."
Doris Blum, Breathe Yoga, New Zealand