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Yoga for Your Spine

Yoga for your Spine
Sherrie Laryse

Four classes for four different ways of looking after your back. 


Keep your spine healthy by moving, stretching and strengthening it into its full ranges of motion. Not only do we work into all of the muscles of the back, but the very action of this collection of movements stimulates and exercises the vertebrae as well as all of your intervertebral discs.


This series includes

  • 16 minute gentle seated sequence (which is free to view)

  • 37 minute hatha sequence

  • 37 minute floor based yin sequence

  • 16 minute guided meditation.

The introduction video plus the first sequence, the gentle seated sequence, are free to view before you even purchase the course. Once you have purchased the course, you have ongoing access to all four classes in this series for the spine.

Investment :  AUD $15

Total duration : 106 minutes total class time

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