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Yoga for Mindfulness

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Sherrie Laryse

Breathwork and movement classes to develop mindfulness.  

Mindfulness comprises many different techniques, all arriving at the same destination. It is known for its benefits in reducing stress and anxiety, increasing concentration and a feeling of centeredness and has been proven to physically change your brain, reducing the size of the emotionally reactive areas of the brain as well as increasing the thickening of areas related to learning and memory. 


This series includes

  • 18 minute Shamatha Mindfulness Exercise

  • 39 minute floor based movement Body Scan

  • 56 minute floor based yin sequence

  • 57 minute guided meditation

Once you have purchased the course, you have ongoing access to all classes in this series for continued practice of all techniques.

Investment :  AUD $24

Total duration : 170 minutes total class time

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