I’ve dedicated my life to studying human behaviour.

This includes the way we act and the way we interact; the way we think, the experiences which led to that thinking and where that thinking may lead to.

I teach emotional intelligence, the fundamentals of psychology, the neuroplasticity of the brain and, importantly, how to rewire it.

I teach the scientific aspect of the mindbody connection and work with people to address their physical symptoms via both soft tissue movement and targeted conversations.

​I teach emotional intelligence in corporate workshops, focussing on employee engagement, employee wellbeing and workplace culture (especially in the face of adversity).

I teach people how to work through the barriers that hold them back.

I offer one-on-one, personal consultations working with people to resolve stress, internal conflict, addiction, past emotional experiences, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress.

I offer these services within corporate workshops, presentations, yin yoga workshops as well as one on one consultations.



Demartini Method® Facilitator

Neuro Linguistics Master Practioner

Suicide Support and Trauma Trained

Demartini Institute training in Psychosomatics

400Hr Functional Hatha YTT

100Hr Yin YTT

70Hr Insight Training

And, in years gone by, Reiki Master and Corporate Guru.

I have mentored teenage girls through the not-for-profit program Sister2sister and completed 1:1 field work with adults diagnosed with mental illness, primarily schizophrenia.

I am based in Sydney and teach internationally.

Everything I’ve learned, I’ve applied. It is crucial to me that everything I teach is evidence-based. I come with not only intellectual, learned knowledge, but applied understanding and first-hand experience.


I have chosen to dedicate my energy to increasing global awareness that, as William James put it, “a human being can alter their life by altering their attitudes.”

Why I do what I do (click through to read).

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