I’ve dedicated my life to studying human behaviour.

This includes the way we act and the way we interact; the way we think, the experiences which led to that thinking and where that thinking may lead to.

I teach emotional intelligence, the fundamentals of psychology, the neuroplasticity of the brain and, importantly, how to rewire it.

I teach the scientific aspect of the mindbody connection and work with people to address their physical symptoms via both soft tissue movement and targeted conversations.

​I teach emotional intelligence in corporate workshops, focussing on employee engagement, employee wellbeing and workplace culture (especially in the face of adversity).

I teach people how to work through the barriers that hold them back.

I offer one-on-one, personal consultations working with people to resolve stress, internal conflict, addiction, past emotional experiences, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress.

I offer these services within corporate workshops, presentations, yin yoga workshops as well as one on one consultations.

Demartini Facilitator



Demartini Method® Facilitator

Neuro Linguistics Master Practitioner

Suicide Support and Trauma Trained

Demartini Institute training in Psychosomatics

400Hr Functional Hatha YTT

100Hr Yin YTT

70Hr Insight Training

University student, BSc Cognitive & Brain Science

And, in years gone by, Reiki Master and Corporate Guru.

I have mentored teenage girls through the not-for-profit program Sister2sister and completed 1:1 field work with adults diagnosed with mental illness, primarily schizophrenia.

I am based in Sydney and teach internationally.

Everything I’ve learned, I’ve applied. It is crucial to me that everything I teach is evidence-based. I come with not only intellectual, learned knowledge, but applied understanding and first-hand experience.


I have chosen to dedicate my energy to increasing global awareness that, as William James put it, “a human being can alter their life by altering their attitudes.”

Why I do what I do (click through to read).