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Listen in on conversations about emotional intelligence, meditation, yin yoga, neuroscience, and overcoming challenge. 


Meet, Sherrie Laryse

with Women, Meet Wellness

April, 2024

Sherrie likes to go to her mat. It's how she gets her answers, how she finds her peace, how she finds her course of action and her resolve. She calls this, conversations with her body, and this episode explores this.

In a society where so many of us are cut off from our body at the neck, spending so much time in our head; this practice challenges this and explores the healing nature of connecting to and being with your body.

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Moving Through Grief

with Moving Through & Beyond

October, 2023

Sharing inspired journeys of redefining your life, your vision and purpose after immense hardship and grief. Moving Through & Beyond is podcast dedicated to sharing stories of raw, honest hardships in life and how you, as a successful leader in your field have overcome these obstacles to live your best life.


Inspiring Real Life Stories

with The Voice of Women

September, 2023

Sherrie Laryse is a dynamic Emotional Intelligence teacher. Her passion lies in equipping individuals with tangible techniques to tackle life's challenges head-on. Her journey is a tapestry woven with vulnerability, showcased in her unfiltered and empowering book, "On Path." Sherrie's unique approach empowers individuals to reframe their perspectives, fostering a profound sense of liberation in their authentic selves.


Embark on a journey of profound change with Sherrie as she guides you through the art of embracing life's complexities, emerging stronger, wiser, and truly empowered.


Micro Podcast

with Callum Connects

August, 2023

The biggest hurdle I faced as a leader, shared in four minutes!

"Anybody who has ever negotiated ANYTHING knows that you’re in the power seat when you’re just as happy to take, or walk away from, the deal."

In four fast minutes, I share that there are always two sides to everything.

Your Spitirual Journey Podcast.png

You Are Not Broken

with Your Spiritual Journey

August, 2023

Australian Sherrie Laryse shares the wisdom from her book, "On Path." 


Nuggets shared include:

  • How are we individual and One at the same time? 

  • What is the meaning of being a mother when you can't get pregnant? 

  • What is the power of meditation? 

  • How does fascia facilitate the flow of energy in the body?

  • Nothing about you is broken or needs fixing - you just need a new perspective.

IVF Tales.png

Talking Infertility

with IVF Tales

August, 2023

Emotional Intelligence Consultant, Sherrie Laryse, shares her journey in trying to start a family, along with the techniques and meditations that she took herself through to find peace with her situation along the way.

Sherrie journalled all the way along this journey; a journal which was ultimately published as a raw, tell-all memoir, called On Path. This inspirational book talks through how to overcome life challenges, how to process emotions, and how to find peace in the face of loss.

A little note from Sherrie- After she recorded this episode, she realized she said philanthropy but meant altruism.

get shit done.png

Processing Emotions

with Get Sh*t Done

August, 2023

  • Realising good stuff can come from going through difficult times.

  • A holistic view on living healthy and creating a reality for yourself

Cuz I Have To.png

When Living Your Dream is the Only Option

with Cuz I Have To

July, 2023

Sherrie Laryse is a huge advocate for living your dreams, even if they end up looking different from what the dream in the brochure looked like.


Sherrie's dream was to become a mum... she spent seven years trying to become pregnant, when that didn't work out, she used meditation and emotional intelligence techniques to find peace.


Sherrie's journaling lead to a memoir, "On Path", which lead to her being on this podcast.

Take The Leap.png

Techniques for Overcoming Challenges

with Take The Leap

June, 2023

“Because of where I am now — I feel like my journey, my challenge, everything I went through, has been one of the greatest gifts that I could ever get in life — now when people come to me and say:


‘Okay, I’ve got this challenge. It’s weighing me down. It’s breaking me. I’m crumbling.’


I can hold their hand and say:


‘I know there is another side. I know there are positives to this that I realise you can’t see right now, you can’t feel, you can’t even acknowledge that they exist, but I know they do. So, I have the capacity to hold you through this.’


Harnessing Emotional Intelligence to Empower Business Relationships

with Influence By Design

June, 2023

What is Emotional Intelligence and why Sherrie went down this path (02:23)

What can business owners do to ensure they’re emotionally intelligent (08:31)

Why challenges are important for personal growth (14:05)

How to deal with difficult clients (21:50)

The importance of understanding and living by your highest values (24:45):

Sherrie’s catalyst for writing her book (31:50)

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When life has a different plan

with Lissie Turner Presents...

May, 2023

Have you ever experienced such a deep belief in where you thought you should be in your life, who you should be, but it didn't come to pass?

This is an adventure across decades of wanting, of seven years of trying and the process of readjusting to a new self-identity, wading through oceans of disappointment. It's a guidebook to changing your own mind when the mind is suffering, when it's snagged tightly onto something that will not come to fruition. This is a learning of how to let go, for your own good, of knowing when to stop trying, and of how to not just reach peaceful acceptance but harness all of that flailing energy and transform it into a new life purpose.


What's Behind Life

with Getting Unstuck

May, 2023

How do you get unstuck when your deepest wish does not come to fruition? My guest, Sherrie Laryse, was on a 7-year rollercoaster ride of trying, as she puts it, to fall pregnant. As you will hear in this episode, she used emotional intelligence techniques and meditation to find peace with her outcome.

What I love about our conversation is she discusses how she began to find gratitude in everything, the “good” and the "not so good”. Sherrie began journaling her way through the ups and downs of trying to become pregnant and these healing pages ultimately became a fabulous book.

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Emotional Intelligence Insights

with Women's Biz

April, 2023

Annie Gibbins delves deep into Sherrie's work and experiences, discussing her recent book, "On Path," which shares her personal journey and practical techniques for overcoming challenges. Sherrie shares insights into emotional intelligence and how listeners can develop this essential skill to overcome obstacles in both their personal and professional lives.
Annie asks Sherrie some thought-provoking questions, such as what she thinks is the essential ingredient for success, what success looks like to her, and who would benefit the most from reading her book. So, tune in to this exciting episode and learn from Sherrie Laryse's wealth of knowledge & experience.


Mastering Emotional Intelligence

with Intelligent Performance

April, 2023

On this episode of Intelligent Performance, our guest Sherrie Laryse, author and emotional intelligence expert, joins us to discuss the importance of emotional intelligence and how it can help individuals tap into higher levels of personal performance.
We explore what emotional intelligence is and how to develop it, as well as strategies for becoming more in tune with your own emotions to levelise those peaks and troughs that can affect your performance. Join us for a fascinating conversation that will give you practical insights into how to harness the power of emotional intelligence to achieve your goals.

Sherrie Laryse podcast Camille.jpg

How to Turn Pain Into Power

with Breaking the Good-Girl Cage

November, 2022

In this episode, you can expect:
*How you can shift your mindset to see your challenging life experiences, not as defeats or failures, but shine light on how those experiences actually made you who you are today, and how you can integrate those experiences somatically in your body and even be able to see what you have gained from them.

*The science behind yin yoga, and how it can be an incredibly healing modality for your nervous system.
*A simple breath technique you can apply to calm your mind and relax your body
*How to use inspiration as your compass to gear you back into your authenticity


When Motherhood Takes a Different Form

with Nourishing The Mother

The road to becoming a mother can be all-consuming for many women, but what happens when a four year journey to get pregnant breaks you open and makes you realise that nothing is missing? Speaker, mentor and writer Sherrie Laryse shares with Bridget her story of transforming her greatest challenge and her vision for motherhood

September, 2016

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