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For lovers of self-study in the convenience of their own home.

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Yoga Nidra Meditations

New meditations provided to you every week, creating an opportunity for ongoing relaxation for your mind and body plus a deep processing of emotions.

This is a monthly subscription to an ever-increasing library of guided meditations. 


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The Mind Body Project

Every thought creates emotions. Emotions are chemicals. Chemicals impact & change every cell in your body. Gain control of your thoughts and take control of you. Learn how.


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Yoga for Stress Relief

In this series you will find a pranayama (breathing exercise) practice, yin yoga to relax your whole nervous system and a one hour guided meditation just to be certain that there is zero stress left in your system!


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Yoga for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is known for reducing anxiety and stress. This series of practices offers a variety of mindfulness techniques, all with the aim of calming the mind + body and increasing feelings of contentment in your world. 



Master Class

Master Class is about raising your intuition your wisdom and your mental clarity by introducing you to an exercise with elicits next-level thinking. Includes 30 min consult with Sherrie.



Guided Meditations

These 15minute guided meditations will invite a sense of relaxation, calm and clearer thinking into your day.



Values Determination

Your highest values are the key drivers that dictate all of your decisions in life. To know what they are is the first step to mastering your life.


Yoga for your Spine

Yoga for your Spine

Keep your spine healthy by moving into its full ranges of motion. Course includes a seated sequence (free to view), more dynamic hatha sequence, long-held floor based yin sequence as well as a guided meditation.


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Self-Sabotage Explained

Whether you're trying to lose weight, make more sales or more friends, the illusive self-sabotage can affect us all. Understand why we self-sabotage, what it is and how to get yourself on your side!



Guided Meditation 6min

A bite-sized meditation you can do anytime, anywhere, purely to bring yourself back into a calm state, with clear thinking and a feeling of centredness.


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Healthy Wealth

Financial wealth is the result of two things: mindset + habits. Healthy Wealth is about providing you with both - a mindset upgrade as well as setting up foundations for long term habits to drive wealth.


yoga for gut

Yoga for Your Gut

This series includes a yin yoga practice to influence and bring balance back to the stomach, spleen, intestines and colon. A guided meditation then accesses both your conscious and sub-conscious mind to address imbalances in your belly.



Eudaimonia - Part One

Questioning your life path? This is pivotal course guides you inward with a strategic set of questions leading you to find your own answers to define your life purpose, direction and ultimate fulfillment.