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Emotional Intelligence Consultations are for those who want to process their emotions more effectively.


Learn how to be emotionally intelligent.


Consultations can be held over Zoom or phone. In-person consultations are held in Sydney and are $30 per hour, or part thereof, on top of the consultation amount.


I offer two key styles of consultation:

Somatic Consultations are for people who want to investigate their inner world. These are guided, interactive meditations which provide a way to access the physical component of thoughts, beliefs and emotions. It is to cognitively process at the somatic level, whilst being aware of insights that co-arise as you work with the sensations.

Initial Consultation 60mins $150

Subsequent Consultations 40min $110

Somatic Journey (available after initial consult) – 10 weeks x 40mins/week $950 

Demartini Facilitator

Resolve consultations are for people who are carrying emotional burden. This could be a memory, trauma, internal or external conflict, grief, anxiety, depression. All emotional baggage impacts our thinking, our decision-making, affects relationships and limits the speed with which we move forward to get what we really want.


It comes down to perspective and my speciality is shining a light on a new perspective through strategic questions, at the same time showing you how to navigate your thinking so you can independently apply this cognitive reframing technique to any aspect of your life.


Initial consultations can take around 1-2 hours. We do not stop until you feel resolved. Subsequent consultations take less and less time as your neural pathways strengthen around this new thinking. $220 per hour 

I also offer a 5 Hour Package for $880. Please book in for an individual consultation first before committing to a package.


Emotional Intelligence Program - a four week program

A holistic talk therapy program program including one Resolve Consultation plus three more empowering techniques to truly own your life, your emotional state, and propel you forward. Learn the tools to process literally anything that comes up in life! Click through for information. 

Testimonials: Click here to see what others said about their emotional intelligence consultations.

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