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"This book is a refreshing take on how to see, perceive and overcome challenges."
"A fresh perspective on thoughtfully thriving throughout life’s twists & turns."

A hypnotic story that takes you on a journey of applied emotional intelligence, providing you with practical tools to process emotions and move through life's challenges.

On Path

A fresh take on what it means to be a “spiritual being having a human experience”, this raw and wholly uncommon memoir explores how the crunchy moments of our daily life can be used to inspire the deepest transformation.


Sydney-based yoga practitioner, teacher and emotional intelligence consultant Sherrie Laryse set herself an audacious goal: to quit the lucrative corporate job she disliked, to secure $50,000 for a house deposit and to meet her future husband. She achieved all three within a week.


This paradigm-shattering experience led her on an intense decade-long journey of questioning the limiting beliefs we impose on ourselves, and what happens when we have the courage and curiosity to explore our infinite potential – even when life drops us some curve balls, which it inevitably did!

Using herself as a case study, Sherrie shares how she moved through fertility challenges, her innate desire to mother, health issues and the death of a friend. Through the tools she shares, she overcomes feelings of fear, failure, lack and loss, using each of her obstacles as stepping stones to create an inspiring and fulfilling vision of her future.


Weaving together Sherrie's personal reflections, meditations and insights from Eastern wisdom traditions and Western sciences, On Path illuminates the path for modern-day way-seekers in a world bent on rewarding outdated ideals of perfection.

On Path is for people who would like to know how to move through life's ups and downs with greater ease. It is for people who want more tools to process heavy emotions such as grief, feeling lost in life or feeling like they're 'not enough'. It is for people who feel that they are missing something, or someone.

“A meaningful story loaded with humility, humor, and love, that will

awaken a deeper wisdom for life.”

-Dr John Demartini, International Best-selling author of The Values Factor – The Secret to Creating an Inspired and Fulfilling Life 

Praise for On Path

An inspiring read

by AR


A journey of how one woman's struggle to have a family changed the way she viewed life and her purpose within it. Luckily for us, she is sharing the wisdom she gained along the way. A profound read that will unearth self awareness and emotional intelligence in any reader.

Can highly recommend!

by Taru


Talking about putting things in perspective, this book offers both a wider perspective to life as a whole and addresses the raw genuine human experiences that can sometimes be rough. In the times of spiritual bypassing this book is a refreshing take on how to see, perceive and overcome challenges. A wholehearted love letter to human capacity to embrace life. Can highly recommend!

Divinely written and deeply thought provoking

by Annie


If you are open to experiencing a life of peace and loving acceptance read this stunningly beautiful book. On Path will take you on a journey of truth that is so resonant you will be there in the page, in the words, with the author. Sherrie's imagination is vivid and she possesses an uncanny ability to creatively weave her world effortlessly with that of science, philosophy, psychology, spirituality and so much more. It is a peering behind the curtain into the complex, yet simple meaning of life - and showing that ultimately, whatever turbulence or grace we encounter, we are each of us always On Path.

Couldn’t put it down

by Sheena


I loved this book from start to finish and could see myself in many of the author’s anecdotes. Laryse’s writing style makes the book so relatable and easy to read and I can see it being invaluable to anyone suffering self doubt or depression. A true way forward. A must read.

An amazing book!

by Jason


Once I started reading I found it hard to put down. A very meaningful story with loads of extra gems along the way. So much just fell into place for me that it had me at times wondering if Sherrie was watching my movements through the day. It has changed my perspective on things and definitely for the better. I even find myself not stressing over an outcome now and just thinking Wendy is handling this for me today. This book gets a huge 5 stars from me.

Thought provoking

by Gemma


‘On Path’ offers thought provoking life themes and metaphors which are so relatable in our daily life. This easy read shows the reader how to attune to self, others and life as a whole. There are so many nuggets in this book, some I’ve been drawing on for my own path. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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About the author

My aim is to empower people to feel a sense of freedom in who they are—as they are.

I am an emotional intelligence teacher with 14+ years working in human behaviour, neuro linguistics, grief, trauma, psychosomatics, neurdivergence and mental illness, yoga and meditation. My fascination with the human psyche also has me completing a Bachelor of Cognitive and Brain Science (with a good measure of Philosophy subjects on the side). I am a self-confessed study-addict. I love to learn and then I love to share what I've learned. This cycle lights me up. 


My focus is sharing techniques that work, so people have the skills to process challenges that inevitably arise in life, as well as work through past challenges. I do this through private emotional intelligence consultations, public speaking, and, of course, the written word. How I love to write . . . 


This debut book, On Path, shares my personal experience and practical techniques for overcoming challenge. If there is one theme that underpins this story, it is our capacity to find both meaning and value in all of our experiences – even the crunchy ones. It is to realise that these experiences are the building blocks which give us what we need to walk our own unique path in life. It is to find appreciation for all of life’s twists and turns. This is when you can truly fall in love with life, no matter what. 

Free Bonus for Readers

Enjoy free access to a year's worth of Yoga Nidra Meditations. Simply purchase your copy of 'On Path', then use the last word in the chapter titled 'My Consummate Teacher' to gain free access through the enrol button below.

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