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"My Somatic Consultation with Sherrie was unexpectedly deep, profound and effective.


Sensations and feelings that in the past caused overwhelm and anguish where sensations and feelings that I could now simply be with, safely and without overwhelm. In my thinking mind I understand I am not my feelings but the somatic experience solidified this knowing. I believe this experience also helps me in the future when there will be situations where these feelings can be triggered: I can then observe them, be with them safely and integrate the experience without overwhelm."             

TF April 2023

"I feel like I can look in the corners of my mind that I was avoiding, and see something inspiring. “ 
DM July 2023

"You are a gift to the world and most especially to me. In one session you have made such a difference in my whole self. It continues to build and I am in awe. You need to be bottled."  

HR Feb 2021

"Am having a very surreal day after yesterday’s beautiful session. The metaphorical lense I’m casting over my life at the moment (through the work I do with you) has left me with a very sharpened picture ... & I really like it.

I feel there is such value of looking into all the dark rooms of my life. Weirdly enough I must be ready to move through stuff, because I’m loving this process. The excavation is confronting yet freeing all at the same time. 


In addition, I’ve realised the impermanence of life. I’m not my past, it doesn’t suppress my future. These realisations are possible, because you are completely non-judgmental. That’s a piece of gold right there that is. I thank you for that ... very rare but oh so appreciated."             

KB November 2019

"Just to let you know that I LOVE THIS. After our session there was a big shift and a huge release of tension.  

I’m doing my homework to reinforce it all but I am so relieved by the influx of gratitude that this has allowed and invited. x ❤️"             

LR March 2019

Through my session with Sherrie I had a big aha moment when I realised that what I was most annoyed at with my partner was actually what I was desperately seeking in him. What I then realised was he was showing me in his way. From this process, I have realised that turning the mirror on yourself allows you to look at situations through a new lens which is so empowering."                 

GS July 2018

"I wanted to say what you are doing in amazing. Something changed in me during my time with you. You are a special soul! ☮️🌈😎"  

LE June 2017

"I loved my session with Sherrie.  She constructively guided me in questioning my inner thought patterns, previous decision drivers and encouraged me to think outside the box in ways I had never thought before.  Her perspective on the positives of negatives (yin and yang) was fascinating and gave me such clarity.  I am so grateful to her for her beautiful guidance and the perspective she has given me."

KD September 2016

"I can't thank you enough.  You really know your stuff. 


I came to you for help relating to my reactions and responses in a current relationship, knowing that there were some old patterns repeating, but having zero clue about how to fix the problem. One hour with you and we managed to solve some deep rooted past hurts that I never knew I still had. I feel balanced, at peace, and very clear. 


As a result of this release, my relationship has propelled forward organically.  Funnily enough, it seems the only person holding us back, was me.


Nothing but love and gratitude for you Sherrie Laryse. xx" 

LH July 2017

"Sherrie thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me gently through this process. I have started using this way of thinking since we met last week and even used this to help explain a few things to my daughter over the weekend :) - the ultimate ripple effect!

Proof that reaching out to random strangers can really change your perspective and I'm grateful that I had the courage to send you that initial message. The way you explained balance in the world really resonated with me. I totally understand this concept on a micro level but you just blew it out of the water, love that!

Love to you helping more people the way you helped me." 

RS November 2016

"I can tell you honestly you are the only one who's helped me change my thinking and perception of certain issues in my life and I don't think I can thank you enough for that. 😘"                               

SR February 2017

"Sherrie is amazing. I achieved more in one Resolve session with her than I have in 6 months of other therapies! She gives practical, realistic and effective advice through active conversation, and at no point did I feel unsafe or vulnerable.


She takes the time to explain things clearly and really help you understand the concepts behind the work you do together."         

CS June 2016

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