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Yin & Intention Setting

Two hours of focused attention on you – your mind, body and your goals.


Deep yin. Deep intention setting. Embedding meditation.


Create your life.


27th March


Yin & Meditation Retreat

Immerse yourself into a weekend of yin yoga and meditation indulgence.


This boutique retreat is one of luxury and nurture, allowing the time and space you need to cultivate a deep sense of peace within.

Please get in touch to request a brochure for full details.


16-18th July 2021


14 Day

Mind Body Project

It's about your health - mentally, emotionally and physically.


Every thought creates emotion. Emotions are chemicals.

Chemicals impact and change every cell in your body.

In this 14 day online program, gain control of your thoughts and take control of your wellbeing.


On Demand

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Live Streamed Guided Meditation

Live streamed Yoga Nidra guided meditation practice which combines traditional yogic practices with western psychology and neuroscience.

The style of Yoga Nidra I faciliate is commonly used for PTSD due to its profound impact to balance the mind and therefore balance you emotionally. If you have any stress in your life, this integrative restoration practice is for you.

ONLINE via Zoom

Thursday 7:30pm

Online Yoga & Meditation Classes

Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation - all now available to practice online in your own home.

There are free classes to preview with the option to purchase additional classes in each series.

Click through to view the options and have these classes at your fingertips evermore.


On Demand

Weekly Yoga Studio Schedule


7:45pm Yin 75min, Qi Freshwater


4pm Hatha 45min, Qi Manly

5pm Yin 60min, Qi Manly

7:45pm Yin & Meditation 75min, Qi Freshwater


7:30pm Yin 60min, Divine Flow Brookvale


10am Yin 60min, Divine Flow Brookvale


Manly, Freshwater & Brookvale

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