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Demartini Facilitator

Our bodies express our thoughts and emotions – and without our conscious choice. It’s the automatic smile when you see someone you love. It’s the deep belly laugh over something hilarious. And it’s tears when we are upset. 

These smiles, laughs or tears are symptoms of how we are thinking and therefore how we are feeling. We do not consciously choose to do them, they are a natural physiological response to our thoughts.


Our individual way of perceiving the world dictates which neurotransmitters our brains fire and this starts a cascade of events that results in our physiology, our current state of health. 

All of our body’s symptoms are expressions of how we feel and the thoughts we have about a situation, person or experience. 

The MindBodyHeart Detox program is about working through significant influences in your life. We work through any event or situation which had a large impact, or any person who has had an influence in your life as you will have an emotional ‘charge’ about aspects of that person or situation.

MindBodyHeart Detox is about working through emotional pain points we have built up over our lifetime which have created psychological and therefore physical implications within the body.  


This program works at the source.  


Once the mind is balanced, the body can follow. 

This detox program includes one 90 minute consultation per week for six (preferably consecutive) weeks.

In each consult, we work through one significant influence after another, neutralising each one to bring equilibrium into your mind, into your heart and then automatically into your body as a result. 

The ultimate detox for your whole body, working at the source – your mind.  

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