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Emotional Intelligence

A one-on-one, hands-on, experiential program for people seeking wisdom and self mastery so they will be able to take control of their emotions to choose how they want to feel.

Demartini Facilitator

I will be guiding you through all exercises and teaching you how to process any emotional challenge. Together, we will work through real life examples there and then in each session. This program doubles as a total emotional detox, giving you essential tools that you will have for life.


Over four consultations, you will understand how to internally process the following key emotional areas through to a resolution.

  • Dissolving negative emotions (eg anger, resentment, feelings of betrayal) from past unwanted events

  • Equilibrate yourself with people you admire and look up to

  • Understand how to balance your judgements

  • Grief and Loss

This program is for people who:

  •  Wish to gain more control of their emotions

  •  Wish to make peace with their past

  •  Appreciate that heavy emotions impact our health and can be resolved

  •  Have a heightened sensitivity to others’ comments

  •  Hold guilt over past events or for judging others

  •  Have an insatiable desire for wisdom

  •  Desire to understand how to process grief and loss to feel nothing but love and appreciation instead

  •  Love that the brain is completely malleable and have a desire to understand how to drive it to get the most out of life  

Program Overview:

Session One: Resolve. Lighten the emotional load with a Resolve Consultation. Learn how to dissolve the heavy emotions from past relationships or unwanted life experiences. Practical exercise included to apply to a current or past situation as a real example to work through on the day.

Session Two: Increase your worth. Own the traits of those you admire to recognise that what you see in them is also in you.

Session Three: Balance your judgements about ANYTHING. Judgements create imbalanced emotions which clouds thinking. Learn how to balance judgements - a skill for life.

Session Four: Acknowledge, recognise and appreciate that you are 100% utterly fulfilled and there is nothing missing in your world. This beautiful exercise will prove it to you - and you will feel it.

"I highly recommend Sherrie. She has a great listening and non-judgmental approach which really helps to open up. She really cares about her client and that makes a big difference. I trusted Sherrie all along this workshop and hence why I would like to recommend her to others."    Leila Boubahlouli, Sydney
This program is held over four consultations with dates and times to be arranged upon booking.

Total package for all four consultations: $1370

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