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Healthy Wealth


MINDSET & STRATEGIES: 6 Steps to Creating Wealth From Wherever You Are Now Financial wealth is the result of two things: mindset + habits. Healthy Wealth is about providing you with both — a mindset upgrade as well as setting up foundations for long term habits to drive wealth. Getting ahead financially is not luck, it’s not even smarts…. it’s the habits you make. People who win or inherit money can just as easily lose it if they don’t create wise habits around how they manage their wealth. People who set themselves up with wise habits around how they manage the money they have, will, over time, build multiple, fat, financial foundations under themselves. It’s not how much you earn, it’s what you do with it. In these six steps to wealth, we begin with your mindset to open up your thinking and engage your inner most desires and inspiration around building wealth. Then we move into the magical “HOW”. We unpack the habits of the most wealthy people to set you up with solid, strategic habits. It will be these practical strategies that you put into place now which will set you up for your future. What you will learn: * How to turn on your wealthy mindset * How to turn off old ideologies around money that your parents gave you * Money Management * Strategies and practical exercises to set up wealth building habits for life (excel templates provided for you to populate with your details) * Valuing Wealth * Nett worth annual upgrade * Lifestyle costs * Financial Planning for the life you want





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