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The Mind Body Project


Our bodies express our emotions. It’s the automatic smile when you see someone you love. It’s the deep belly laugh over something hilarious. And it’s tears when we are upset. These smiles, laughs or tears are symptoms of how we are feeling. We do not consciously choose to do them, they are a natural physiological response to our thoughts. All of our body’s symptoms are expressions of how we feel & the thoughts we have about a situation, person or experience. If you do not want particular symptoms (that which we label as illness), a key aspect of changing them is to resolve imbalanced emotions. ​How do we do this? We start taking control of our thoughts. The Mind Body Project is about forming new habits and introducing you to, potentially, a new way of thinking. It’s about gratitude, it’s mastering your thoughts, it’s about two way communication with your physiology. It’s about increasing wellness. In this 14 Day project we start at the source. We build habits. We introduce alternate ways to think, to view our experiences. We balance those imbalanced perceptions which directly imbalanced our biology. We bring wellness. Days 1-7: Upgrade your state of being – The Science of Gratitude * Tips, exercises and scientific explanations on how to upgrade your thinking. Days 8-14: Upgrade your thinking – The Paradigm Shift * An exercise to open your mind, change your attitudes and enhance your mindset – forever. This exercise alone is worth thousands!





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