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The Mind Body Project

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Sherrie Laryse

Course Description


Our bodies express our emotions - and without our conscious choice. It’s the automatic smile when you see someone you love. It’s the deep belly laugh over something hilarious. And it’s tears when we are upset.

These smiles, laughs or tears are symptoms of how we are feeling. We do not consciously choose to do them, they are a natural physiological response to our thoughts. All of our body’s symptoms are expressions of how we feel & the thoughts we have about a situation, person or experience.


If you do not want particular symptoms (that which we label as illness), a key contributing method to change them is to resolve imbalanced emotions.

How do we do this? We start taking control of our thoughts, our perceptions.

The Mind Body Project is about forming new habits and introducing you to, potentially, a new way of thinking. It’s about gratitude, it’s mastering your thoughts, it’s about two way communication with your physiology. It’s about increasing wellness.

In this 14 day project we start at the source. We build habits. We introduce alternate ways to think, to view our experiences. We balance those imbalanced perceptions which directly imbalanced our biology. We bring wellness.

Day 1-7:   Upgrade your state of being – The Science of Gratitude


Day 8-14:  Upgrade your thinking – The Paradigm Shift

Investment :  $49


  • One email per day for 14 days with tips, exercises and scientific explanations on how to upgrade your state of being through building new habits.

  • An exercise that will open your mind, change your thinking and enhance your mindset – forever. This is an exercise that will be shared with you, explained in detail as well as a template created and provided for you. This is something you will have for life. This exercise alone is worth thousands.

  • Access to me with any questions at all times throughout the 14 day project.

Time investment : I appreciate time is one of the most valuable resources we each have. For that reason, I have eliminated the 'fluff' and packed the power into short bursts so this course can be about learning and building habits, building new ways to think, rather than sitting through hours of 'filler' content. 


That being said, the first seven days will require around 15-20 minutes per day which includes reading the emails as well as completing the exercises. The second week includes a rather chunky exercise which most will complete over a few days or even the next few weeks and this will be something that you can tap in and out of and come back to over time. This builds a way of thinking and is something that you can work on continually going forward. It is an exercise for life.

Comments from people who have previously completed this course:

"The Mind Body detox absolutely blew me away!!! Sherrie has the most poignant way of putting things.


Imagine truly connecting with every single email as you check in at the end of each day. Imagine then going on to live each day with a gratitude inside of you that you’d never tuned in to so powerfully before. My awareness, my mood, my love and compassion for the people around me... all of these things became heightened.

Feeling lighter.... Feeling more informed, more knowledgeable, more capable of taking on whatever the day threw at me. Feeling like the things I was reading and learning about was absolutely invaluable!!!


Sherrie helps you tap into a better way of living. A beautifully heightened way of perceiving the world around you."  

Georgie Way, May 2018 

"I want to thank you with all my heart for what you have opened my eyes and mind to this past two weeks. Your knowledge and guidance through the exercises given each day have not only shown me that I have the power to create balance in life but also to look at every aspect, good and bad with new light. I have already found in practicing your techniques, that my blinkers have come off to a whole new world and level of gratitude.


So, thank you again for giving me this gift of mental and emotional wealth. 🙏⚖️"   Corinne Beale, May 2018

"Thanks Sherrie for opening my mind up. You have given me ways to see challenges in my life in new ways. I feel like any challenge that comes my way I am able to just wash away with my mind, and the weight is then lifted. Thankyou for giving me knowledge of the power of our minds and what they can do for us."   Aimee Price, October 2018

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