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How our thinking impacts our health

When I was at yoga recently, I suddenly thought of a prior joke between my husband and I. Unplanned and unexpected, I laughed out loud in the middle of the class. Yep - one of those moments… But, it reminded me just how much our body openly displays our thoughts. It literally plays them out loud. Whether we plan them to or not, our bodies will act out the thoughts and feelings we have. These include welcome “symptoms”, such as laughing, as well as the unwelcome symptoms, like illness.

The body is expressing what we think and how we feel. Every - single - day.

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It is commonly understood that chronic stress can lead to stomach ulcers, but is this an isolated occurrence that this one emotional state leads to physical ailment? Absolutely not. All of our body’s “symptoms” are either created or enhanced by how we feel and the thoughts we have about a situation, a person, people or an experience.

This is why “Laugh Therapy” is actually a thing! This is why “Therapy Dogs” visit patients in hospitals. It’s not because the dog has healing qualities, it’s the feelings that the patient generates within their own body, because of the dog’s presence, that promotes the healing.

Our perceptions of our environment stimulate our autonomic nervous system to fire specific neurotransmitters, hormones and peptides through our whole body that impact us on a cellular level. Different peptides will be activated depending on how you perceive your environment.

For example, if you are scared or are in conflict, you will release chemicals such as adrenaline and testosterone, amongst others. If you’re happy, you might release endorphins and serotonin.

Your thoughts activate chemicals which tell your body, on a cellular level, how to adapt to the environment as you perceive it. This results in your cells literally changing based on your thoughts. So if you perceive danger, your body prepares you to fight or flee by the chemicals that flood your body as a response to your perceptions.

These chemicals connect and communicate with your whole being; your endocrine system, neurological, gastrointestinal and your immune system.

This is a major dictator of our health. These chemicals are the active ingredients that will either hinder or optimise our heath.

And what creates those chemicals? Our thoughts.

We need to take control of our thoughts. This is our next frontier.

When we can take control of our thoughts, our reactions, our perceptions of day to day happenings, we can control our emotions. When we can take control of our emotions, we can have more control of the chemicals that are surged through our bodies.

Because the intelligence in the human body which intricately created us from conception, is the same intelligence that provides symptoms to let us know where our thoughts and emotions were off-balance. And, this is the very same intelligent system that has the capacity to bring us back into balance – back into health.

But we need to learn how to do something that wasn’t even a subject on the school curriculum - we need to know how to consciously process thoughts.

Some people turn to yoga, others to counseling or to meditation and some turn to the personal development world.

I bundled the most crucial “everybody should know this” stuff into one pile and created The Mind Body Detox project which is a 14 day online program about understanding the way we think, what that does in our body and how to form healthy habits. It’s a “how to” course in increasing wellness. And the next health upgrade starts soon. I highly recommend you get on board so you can own this wisdom yourself as well as share this with those you love, those you teach.

The evidence is out. We each have the capacity to positively impact our health as long as we have a thinking mind.

On a mission to share love & wisdom...


Sherrie Laryse


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